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I want to travel to Dubai and become an expert on Dubai's tourism

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Hello! My name is Yeni Nadia and I'm from Indonesia.

Currently I'm a tourism consultant. My favourite destination in the world is Dubai, and my dream is to travel there and learn everything about this wonderful place!

I want to learn about Dubai and apply it in my work

I'm working as tourism consultant.

Thanks to my job I've learned many things about other countries. But my favourite destination is Dubai.

Dubai was a desert long ago. It has developed really fast and now it has become a tourist destination attracting attention from all over the world. Dubai has many awesome things to enjoy, like the tallest skyscrapers in the world and the most luxurious hotel in the world.

It has many hidden corners and you can enjoy a more traditional tourism as well as relaxing in a wonderful resort next to the beach.

I want to work in Dubai in the future

As I explained, I work as tourism consultant.

This time I would like to travel to Dubai, learn everything I can about the city and its tourism, and if possible, prepare myself to live there in the future.

I know that it's possible to learn about a city just by searching on the Internet, but the best is to see it with your own eyes!

Maybe, I could be able to work in Dubai in the future.

A low salary

As you might know, salary in Indonesia is not high. My income is around $100 per month.

I really want to save everything I can to be able to work in Dubai in the future. I'm doing everything I can in order to get money and save it. I work a lot and I'm trying not to spend many money.

I've saved $250 in 1 year. And also I learn everything I can about Dubai.

Details on needed funds

To travel to Dubai I need $1,350. As I saved $250 what I need from your support is $1,100.

Please, help me to make this dream come true!


If everything is okay, I would like to travel at the end of the present year for 2 weeks. I want to make a lot of tourism in Dubai and learn a lot of things!

I would like to visit the dessert, go to Burj Khalifa and enjoy Dubai as much as I can!

Every little help would be really appreciated! Thank you very much in advance!

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