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I want to travel to Thailand and enjoy the sea!

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Hello everyone! My name is Anna and I'm from Russia! My dream is to travel to Thailand and see the sea for the first time.

Not an easy life

I've 36 years old but I've never travelled abroad.

My parents didn't have enough money to travel. I've also many responsibilities, so I've never found the opportunity to visit other countries.

Now, I have a job and I take care of my lovely children. Of course, I use my monthly income to take care of my family.

I've discovered Thailand by pictures some time ago. I got amazed by the blue sea, white sand and breathtaking landscapes. Since then, I'm dreaming of travel there. It's the country of my dreams.

Thailand: A beautiful country that seems like a paradise

When I have time I search information about Thailand.

It's a beautiful country, with really nice people, a gastronomy that seems delicious and warm temperature. It's a paradise!

In Airtripp I've made Thai friends and I could enjoy their beautiful pictures that made me want to go there more and more.

A dream I can't fulfill

My monthly income is low. I'm taking care of my 3 children and to me is really difficult to save money.

I work everyday, I take care of my family everyday and I don't spend money on me.

I think even my soul will be healed if I can fulfill my dream of going to Thailand.

Details on needed funds

A total of $ 1,400 is needed to purchase the flight ticket and other expenses. I made a huge effort to save some money so I need support just for $ 1,000!


I would like to go to Thailand on February of 2019. My dream is to visit Koh Kradan or similar island.

This is my dream, so I will do my best to fulfill it, even if I don't reach the target!

Please, help me to make my dream come true! Thank you very much!

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