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Raising funds to give my kids a good education!

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Nice to meet you!

My name is Mimi and I live in Bandung, Indonesia!

I'm running this project because I would like to give my children a good education, so they can have a bright future!

I'm raising 2 children as a single mother

I lost my husband a few years ago due to illness.

Since then, I have been taking care of the children, and it is very difficult for me to give them the education they deserve.

I just have a very low salary that doesn't allow me to save enough money for their future.

I'm doing my best, but I can't save money

Mainly, I'm working in a farm, so I get a low salary.

This salary is not enough, so I'm also working as a seller. I would like to find a job with a better salary, but it is really complicated.

I want my children to have a different life: To complete their studies, and receive a high-quality education.

It would be really nice for them to learn English in a good school, so they can attend a good university and in the future find a good job that will allow them to have a nice life.

My closest people can't help me either

My parents are taking care of the farm. The maintenance of the farm is expensive, so I can't ask them for money.

They need to think about their retirement more than anything. Other relatives are going through many economic problems, so they can't help me either.

I even considered to find another extra job, but I need some time to take care of my children.

Details on needed funds

I would like to start raising $950 that I will use in my children's education. I hope for everyone's support!


If I success, I will use everything I collect for my children's education.

Until I send my children to a good school I will also do my best to save more money! In the future, I would really like them to study abroad in a country like Singapore

In case I can't raise funds I will try to find another way, but in case it's impossible I won't be able to send my children to a good school. I would really appreciate any little support! Thank you very much!

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