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we want to build a beach shack and place for beach clean up

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Having a beach life is a lifetime experience and for those who already loved the beach is a bucket list that we all want. But of course we need a place that is definetly sheltered from the rain and sometimes the very hot sun ( for those who can’t take the sun but still loved the beach). Therefore we are asking for this crowd funding as to build up the beach shack and some necessities that can be use at the beach shack. And also who doesn’t want the beach to be clean and by doing so we are also preventing the marine life’s from dying of choking the rubbish. So, from the crowd funding that we will get, we will definetly purchase all the hardware things for building up the beach shack and the balance of it is to purchase the necessities such as some chairs/ beanbags,tables and of course things to use to make the beach clean..

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