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I want to see where my grandmother was born!

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Hello! I'm Regina and I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I've a very international family: My grandmother was born in Osaka, Japan. My mother has Dutch and Japanese blood, and my father is Spanish.

Thanks to my grandmother I love Japan, and I would really love to see her hometown and the country where she is from.

Japan, the country I love

Thanks to my grandmother I have been able to learn a lot about Japan, and I've realized how wonderful the country is.

The bamboo forest, the delicious gastronomy of Osaka, the beautiful kimono, colorful festivals...

I would like to see that amazing scenery with my own eyes.

I would like to see the places I heard from my grandmother

One of the places I want to know is Osaka, as it's my grandmother's home town.

I love the traditional culture of Japan, so I would love to go to cities like Kyoto or Shirakawa. I also would love to see the Mount Fuji.

In Tokyo, I would love to participate in an Airtripp meetup!

I've made a lot of good friends in Airtripp. I've participated in many campaigns and received the support of my Japanese friends, and I've made posts about Japan.

If there is an Airtripp meetup in Tokyo when I travel there, I would love to participate!

I'm also studying Japanese, to be able to communicate during my trip!

I'm looking foward to meet a lot of people during my trip!

Details on needed funds

To make my dream come true I need $1,100. The total price of the trip is $1,870, but I will also use my own savings to complete the budget.


If I can reach the target I want to travel to Japan during next Spring (March).

As I explained I would like to visit Osaka, Kyoto, Shirakawa, Kawaguchiko (to see Mount Fuji) and Tokyo.

I hope I can travel soon to the country of my dreams.

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