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Please help Baby Dylan's Medical Treatments

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Hello everyone My Name is Rutchel

I am here seeking your support for our dear baby Dylan Ace.

He is currently stayed at the hospital for 3 months long.

He was born at 7 months old

My dear baby Dylan is my first child, i gave birth last august 20, 2019.

He was born at 7 months and weighing 1.2 kilos. Some of his organs are not yet fully developed and he already stayed at hospital for 3 months long, fighting for his life.

Baby Dylan undergoing many sessions of laser treatment.

When he was born, he was diagnosed with tongue tied, lungs not matured yet, and also retinopathy of prematurity that causing bleeding retina.

His doctor did several times of laser treatment session to delay the development of his nerves so that it will delay the bleeding retina.

But unfortunately, laser treatment not seems to be working well with him so his doctor wanted to do eye injection to treat his eyes.

He need undergoing eye injection and surgery for his tongue tied.

With all the hospital bills and procedures, i cannot provide all medical procedures needed since we are already financially exhausted.

Baby Dylan is fighting for her life and i want to support him, he is my dear baby whom i love so much.

That is why want to try any way to able to support him to treat his bleeding retina and his tongue tied.

The total Amount needed approximately $4,000

During his stay for 3 months, the hospital bill was pilled up.

It is already reached about 157.413 Philippines Peso ($3,100) and it is still excluded the surgery for his tongue and the eye injection. which total needed is about $4,000.

Please support baby Dylan medical expenses

i am a single mom and thats mean i am the only one whose supporting his medication, i am working as a virtual assistant, but it still my salary is not enough to cover it all.

I'm knocking at your kind heart for any amount of help financially and prayers.

Any share of this project also will trully appreciated,

Thank you very much and Godbless

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