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Please Help Me Get My Life Back

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To everyone who took the time in reading this, thank you. I'm a single mom with 3 kids though my only dependents are my 2 daughters and my son is with his dad. For several months, I have been battling with anxiety depression which hindered me from functioning well at work until I couldn't function anymore. I have always been alone in providing financial support for my kids and I have no one else to turn to. My severe depression has caused me to lose a lot of things and now, I am in debt. I have nothing except my kids and they are the only reason why I am still alive today despite the many times I wanted to end my life. I think I have been too strong alone and the many responsibilities have overwhelmed me on top of my insecurities and consistent worries. I want to get my life back so I can be with my kids. I am renting a place. We have no home of our own but my eldest daughter is with my mom who's also depending on me financially, and my youngest daughter is with my aunt who's also waiting for me to provide financial suppport. Please help me get my life back. I can't afford therapy but day by day, I am doing my best to be alive. The money will be used to start over. I am a writer and hopefully, will get a full time job once I am completely well and functioning. My atopic dermatitis has added so much burden to the many insecurities that I already have and I would be so thankful to be given a chance to overcome my struggles if I could just get my life back. Please help me with my kids. They are my only wealth. Thank you.

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