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Get a hospital bed for my mother who has leukimia to rest

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Hello everyone! My name is Maria Dolores Maia Oliveira, and I come from Santarém, Brazil.

I plan to buy a hospital bed for my mother, who is suffering from leukimia, to rest!

Mother is suffering with leukimia

My 87 year-old mother is currently suffering with leukimia.

Last year, my mother was diagnosed with leukimia, and to my dread the doctor told me that she cannot be cured, so we need to resort to palliative care. Since then, I have been taking care of my mother.

My mother's medical bills are expensive, and I cannot afford to purchase a hospital-grade bed for her.

Since my father's passing, all medical bills have to be paid out of my own pocket

On September this year, my father passed away.

Before, a big portion of the medical bills were paid by my late father's health insurance. However since his passing, all the bills have to be paid in full.

My mother's medication include medicines, blood infusion, inhalers and others.

Currently my mother is bedridden on a hammock-like bed. This causes ulcers to grow on her skin. Although I am doing my best to treat it with skincare products, I really need a reclining bed like the ones they have in hospitals.

My mother could not receive her pension

I am a veterinarian, and I earn around $450 a month.

However, I am barely managing to pay for me and my mother's daily expenses on top of her medical bills. My mother is supposed to receive her pension money, but due to recession in Brazil, she is unable to receive it.

Although I have 2 siblings, they are paying for their respective families, so it is hard for them to support too.

Details on needed funds

I need $1200 to buy a hospital-grade reclining bed. I hope for everyone's support so that my mom can rest well!


Once I have received the funds, I will purchase the bed at once.

If I can only get the bed, the rest of the medical bills will be paid by me. If I could not get the amount I hoped, I may resort to taking a loan.

However, I am trying to avoid loans as the interest rates are really high and there might be a chance of me unable to paying it back. Therefore, I sincerely ask for help from everyone to help my mother!

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