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I want to pay 1 year's rent for my close friend

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Hello there everyone! I am Cynthia Gabriel Uko, and I come from Abia of Nigeria.

I plan to pay 1 year worth of rent for my close friend!

My friend who I care like an elder brother was evicted from his house

I have a friend, who I care as if he is my own family.

Me and my friend are studying computer engineering in the same university. His parents could not afford to give him allowance, and sadly 1 week ago he was evicted.

Therefore I plan to pay 1 year of his house rent!

Raised together because our parents are friends

My mother and my friend's mother were close friends, so both of us were raised together.

To enter our current university, he left his house and started living alone. His parents did give him allowance, however his family was sadly struck with poverty, and that caused him to be evicted.

I did try to support him myself, however even my support has almost run out and he was unable to pay for his rent.

Luckily, he now managed to ask another friend so for a room to stay in temporarily. However, we understand that it is not good to keep staying there, so I plan for this project.

I saved $100 to be given to my friend

I saved some of my allowance so that I can give to my friend.

If we could pay one year worth of rent, my friend would have 1 year to save money with part time jobs. With one year, we could manage to pay for the rent the year after!

So please, I hope for help from everyone so that we can make this project happen!

Details on needed funds

One year's worth of rent would amount to $700. We only hope for support for $600 of the whole amount! I will pay the rest of $100 with my own savings!


I will pass all the amount collected to my friend as soon as I receive it.

As my friend is currently living in another person's house, we hope we can get the money as soon as possible. In Nigeria, it is normal to pay 1 year worth of rent in advance, so it would not be a problem.

If this project does not work, I plan to sell my computer so that I can cover the insufficient amount. Please everyone, I hope for your support to help my brother!

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