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I want to build a house for my mother!

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Greetings everyone! My name is Prakash Singh, and I am from Mathura, India.

I have a dream of building a house for my dearest mother!

My father passed away on 2016

The economic situation of my household has worsen since my father, bless him, passed on 2016.

I am unemployed, and my 65 year old mother cannot bear to work anymore because of her age. To my greatest fear, we could not pay for the house so we were evicted. We now can only live in a temporary house.

To make matters worse, by Spring next year we need to leave the current temporary house too. Because of this, I plan to build a house for my mother!

Unemployed since 2 years ago

I could not find a job since I became unemployed 2 years ago.

I tried without fail to find a new job, however I could not find a stable job. On top of the bad economic situation of my country, I live in the countryside, so finding a stable job is easier said than done.

Currently, I work on a farm, but on a per-request basis. It is far from a stable job with a stable income.

Because of the nature of the job, I can only earn $12 a month. I can barely pay for the living expenses with this money, let alone collecting money to build a new house.

I worry that my mother will be a homeless person

The temporary house that we are living right now does not need payment, however we need to leave the house by next spring.

I do not want my mother to live without a home, so I as her son wants to build her a home for her to live in. I could borrow land from my relative, so I only need to pay for the cost to build the house.

Of course, I have thought of asking my siblings for help, however they are living with their family in other cities, and it is hard to ask them for help.

Details on needed funds

The cost of the materials and the construction itself will cost $1,000. I sincerely hope for everyone's support!


I will build the house as soon as I collect the funds because of me and my mother's situation.

Once I have bought the materials, I would then ask for help from my 2 carpenter friends to build the house. The planned house only have a kitchen and a small room, so the construction should take 2 months.

If this project does not meet its goals, I simply cannot build the house. That is why, I hope for everyone to support a child's dream to help his mother!

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