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I want to vaccinate and buy food for my newborn pet kittens!

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Hello there everyone! Aidilin Binti Aidini Chong and I am from Kita Kinabalu of Malaysia.

I plan to vaccinate and also buy food for the newborn pet kittens that I own!

My pet cat will give birth in around 1 month

My pet cat is pregnant, and I believe she will give to lovely kittens in 1 month.

Once the kittens are born, I want to vaccinate them. My old pet cat succumbed to disease and past away because it was not vaccinated.

I want the little kittens to live life free of disease!

Company downsized on September of this year

On September, my company downsized and I lost my job.

The company did not have a good run of their business, and many people including me was affected by the downsizing. I have been looking for a job since then, but to no avail.

I am currently doing a part time job twice a week, and earn meek $13 a week.

Because my pay has been severely reduced, I use up most of them to pay for my daily expenses. As I have no money to buy pet food, I depend on the kindness of restaurants to five me leftovers for my cat.

My mother is sick so my parents are also having trouble with money

Currently, I am living alone.

My parents lives in my hometown, and they even offered me to come back and live with them. But I know mom is sick, and they need to use a lot of money to pay for medicines.

I know they are having a hard time themselves, and I do not wanna burden them with more problems.

Details on needed funds

To afford the vaccination and the food supplies, I would need $500. So please, for the sake of the little kittens I hope for everyone's help!


Once I have got the funds, I will bring the kittens to a vet once they are born.

I can say for sure as my cat has not been examined by a vet, but I believe the kittens will be born around January of 2019. I will then get the pet food around the same time of the vaccination.

If this project fails to achieve the target, I have no choice but to save with my own money. However, I am not sure as to when I will get a new job. And so, I hope everyone can help me and my cats!

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