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Rebuild a water pipeline to let my village drink clean water again

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Hello everyone! This is Yasar Ali. I live in a place named Madian,in Swat Valley, Pakistan.

I'd like to help repairing the pipeline that brings water to my village so people could drink clean water. I really need your support!

The water we drink now is not clean!

Where I live we don't have much money. This an agricultural area, and many of the residents make a living by creating and selling leather products and traditional craft items.

Due to the influence of the seasonal winds and typhoons, heavy rain falls every year here. During storms, the level of the river normally rises. It was a big storm and flood what destroyed the water pipeline of my village.

Since then, we can't drink clean water and that's really harmful to our health. It is very urgent to fix this problem as soon as possible.

We need to be helped

We're trying to find help in other villages near mine, but they don't have money either.

I'm desperate trying to find help, and I think this is my last hope.

With your help we would be able to fix our water pipeline and drink clean water again.

Airtripp Funding: Our last hope

I can't solve this problem alone. I will thank you forever if you can help me!

Details on needed funds

In order to buy new pipelines and finish all the necessary work I need $3,650, as I'm included my own savings in the budget.


As soon as I receive the funds, I will buy the new pipelines and start with the repair work!

I really want the people of my village to have a better life!

Thank you very much in advance!

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