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I want to help 5 families that I am close with!

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Hello everyone! I am Rosibel Tiamo, and I came from Bogota, Colombia.

I plan to help 5 families that I am close with!

Migrated to Colombia from Venezuela 2 months ago

2 months ago, I migrated from Venezuela to Colombia.

I now earn around $150 a month as an employee in a coffee shop. However, I send most of my pay back to my family in Venezuela.

As most of you have already now, the economic crisis in Venezuela is catastrophic, so I want to also help a family of 5 that I know.

The Venezuelan hospitals are reselling medicines

I worked as a nurse when I was back in Venezuela.

The local news reported that there is no supply of medicines in Venezuela, however those news are all cruel lies. In truth, there are actually medicines available.

The hospitals will tell patients to buy medicines in drugstores because there is no supply in the hospitals, drugstores that the hospitals have sold the actual supply of medicines to at a higher price in the first place!

Because of this inhumane practice, poor people cannot afford the medicines in Venezuela.

When I was working, I received around 1600 bolivar a month, but due to the bad economy that amount after conversion will only amount to 3 USD. I could not support my family with this amount, so I quit my job and went to Colombia.

In Venezuela, even the food are expensive

Now in Venezuela the poor could not even afford to buy food for their family as the price are too expensive.

The poor even resorted to get food from garbages. I am close with 5 families that are affected deeply by the economy. They cannot afford food nor clothings.

And so, I plan to help these 5 families!

Details on needed funds

I need $850 to give food and clothing to the 5 families. However, I only need a support of $700, I will somehow pay for the balance of $150 myself!


After I have receive the funds I will send it to my family back in Venezuela, and they will buy the needed food and clothings for the others.

It is my wish that the 5 families will start 2019 with a new hope, so I plan to send them the money by the end of January 2019. If this fails, I will try to send them whatever I have together with the $150 that I saved.

I sincerely with that everyone will help me with this predicament. It would also help if people are more aware of how dire the situation in Venezuela. Thank you everyone!

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