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#PaddleforFood to feed 350 homeless children.

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Hello everyone!

I'm Bilal from Singapore. I have been paddling for over 3 years, internationally. I train every weekend and paddle around 10 - 15 km weekly.

#PaddleforFood Challenge

On Sunday, 17th November, I embarked on my latest charity challenge: #PaddleforFood to feed 350 homeless children in India.

#PaddleforFood Challenge will involve 35 km kayaking from Paris Ris beach to circumnavigate around Pulau Ubin island and back.

I use this challenge to gather support from all people who care about homeless children. Thanks to @iamshareengrace for spreading this challenge at

Support us to feed 350 homeless children

This challenge was made possible by my partnership with Feed of Love, charity group who have been feeding homeless people in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India for the past 5 years. Read more about them and the activities they have done so far on their Facebook page:

They will manage the delivery of meals for 350 children if I am successful in raising $250 USD during this challenge, this December.

I will be matching collected public donations with my personal donation up to $100 USD.

Better future for all

I hope this challenge and your support will make difference in the children lives. By using this fund-raiser, let us together create public awareness on the on-going challenges faced by these kids and on how small acts of kindness could bring significance difference in their lives.

PS: If you can’t donate, don’t worry! - A “like” or “Share” does go a Long way and if you want to join me on Facebook Live on that day itself, please do so.!!

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