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I want to repair my house, damaged by a fire!

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Pleased to meet you! My name is Elugwu and I live in Enugu, Nigeria.

My house was destroyed by a fire I would like to raise some funds to be able to repair it!

A house destroyed by a fire

On December 2nd there was a fire in my house.

I was studying at University when my sister called me by phone. She was crying and telling me to come home as soon as possible. It seems that she fell sleep when cooking when everything happened.

Fortunately, my family was safe, but our house suffered a masive damage.

Without funds I will be forced to stop studying to work

All the furniture, our bike, the roof... everything was destroyed by the house.

The house is currently uninhabitable so all my family is living with me in my dorm. We can't keep living like this for longer.

The problem is that my family has not enough savings to repair the house and return to our previous life.

At least we need $950, so without help I will be forced to look for a full time job and quit studying.

I'm already working in order to get some money

I'm studying at University.

Before the incident my duty was only study and get good grades but now I need to work for my family.

Please, help support my family to repair our house!

Details on needed funds

I would really appreciate if you can help me raise $850 to repair the house. We will use our $100 saved!


If I can collect enough support I will start with the repair work.

We're living all together in one room, so I would like to help my family as soon as possible.

This is our last chance to get our house back and have a normal life again. I would really appreciate any help! Thank you very much!

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