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Inha University

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Inha University

I have finished my university education in Vietnam and look forward to continuing my studies in Korea. I enjoy learning about Korean and Asian cultures. I want to develop more languages, especially Korean, to be able to further develop my work later.

Tuition and living expenses

Korean language tuition: 5,200,000 Won /year 

Specialized tuition: From 3,240,000 Won to 4,156,000 Won/semester. Depending on the majors you choose. 

Dormitory: 1,080,000 Won / 6 months (additional deposit of 500,000 Won)

Opportunities to work in good places

I had some money from my parents but it was not enough. Tuition and living expenses in Korea are much higher than Vietnam. I will try to study well, work hard to be successful in life and support my family.

Love you all supporters ❤

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