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I need further support to pay my cousin's school fee!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Happiness and I'm from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania!

I would like to raise some more funds that will help me to pay my cousin's school fee!

My cousin has been sent home

My cousin is a 12 years old girl, and we are living together.

I try to take care of her daily expenses and her school fees, but it's too much for my low monthly income. I wasn't able to pay her full school fees and finally she has been sent home.

I need to collect the unpaid amount so she can go back to school.

Our daily life became even more harder

I'm working on marketing stuff, but I don't have a fixed salary.

Currently, I'm getting a very low income. My aunt's health is getting worse and she's not able to work. Also, my uncle passed away last December.

I runned a project last year to collect some funds for my cousin's school fee.

Fortunately I was able to collect $170. I used every dollar on my cousin's school, but it wasn't enough. We still have to pay $270.

I'm trying to do some extra work

Next month my cousin has to attend an important exam at school.

If I'm not able to pay the fees, she won't be allowed to participate and her future will be affected.

I'm taking care of my whole family and it's really hard for me to make ends meet.

Details on needed funds

I really hope I can receive enough support to collect $270 to pay my cousin's school fees. Thank you very much in advance.


If I manage to receive enough support I will pay my cousin's school fee as soon as I can.

She needs to do that exam next month so I would need to get help as soon as possible. I hope I can find a better job to avoid this kind of problems in the future. It's not easy but I won't give up!

I don't know what to do if I can't receive enough support.

If I can't pay my cousin's fees she won't be able to attend this important exam, so I hope for everyone's support! Thank you very much in advance!

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