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I want to improve the health center of my University

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Hello there everyone! I am Benedict Ozongwu from Nsukka of Nigeria.

I plan to improve the health center of my university!

My university health center is old, and there are not enough medicines

Currently, I am studying in a university.

However, the health center of the university is old, and there are not enough medicines available. It is important for the students well-being to get the best medical facilites, however the university itself cannot afford to pay for that. It is a really sad situation.

So, I would like to do something to improve the situation of the health center!

I turned to local politicians for assistance, to no avail

Like most university, there is a student union for my university.

I also am a proud member of said student union, and with that I planned to better improve the health center. However, the economic situation of Nigeria is bad, and non-profit projects like mine is unlikely to get support.

I have tried to approach to a local politician for help, however so far there are no response from them.

I have also planned to ask for help from family members and friends, however they too are going through a lot so they cannot afford to help. Most families can barely send their children to schools.

I would like to purchase the necessary medicines and equipments for medical examinations

I want to improve the medical center so that I can make medical examinations at regular intervals.

Once I can acquire the necessary equipments and medicines, I can start doing medical treatments for students. We can also prevent diseases from spreading!

I would like to improve the system as soon as possible to take care of the health of the students!

Details of the needed funds

I would need $950 to acquire the necessary medical equipments and medicines. I sincerely hope for everyone to give their support!


Once I get the funds I will improve the medical center as soon as March of 2019.

First I will create a commitee in the Student Union. If I do not manage to get funds by the deadline, I will try to look for other sponsors.

Although, it is uncertain to find the sponsors, so again I hope for the support from everyone!

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