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I want to pay my tuition fees for my degree

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Both my parents are not working as they are retired senior citizens. My father, aged 65, was an orphan so relatives to help fund my studies My elder sister is currently working as an Administrative clerk and my younger sister is still looking for a job.

I am the only child in the family who loves studying computer-related items especially Software and Web Development. My interest started when I was ten years old learning about web development.

I do some freelance web designs and earn a little pocket money to ease my family burden.

I do work during semester breaks but just to earn some pocket money. The Church sponsored my Diploma education and I tried other sources to obtain a loan but to no avail.

We are a Christian convert family actively involved in church and social work.

I have been involved in web development (PHP, HTML) since the age of ten and I have been working on this subject ever since. The interest becomes almost a dream that someday I would be spending time and effort in this particular field.

We have no relatives or relations with anyone as my father is an orphan as mentioned earlier so the next closest relationship is the church where we were actively involved.

My interest is in web development and software systems which is my priority in education and hopes to inspire other young adults to further their education if the opportunity is available

Hopefully, my sponsors would make my dream come true and be a leader in Computer Science.

Education never fails but it is a lifetime ambition and inspires many to study hard for a better future in this ever-challenging world.

It would be a dream come true if I could pursue to the highest education level and later give back to society.

It would mean a lot to me if my aim to get a Doctorate degree in this challenging field is achieved.

Maybe someday I might be able to lecture on the subject to help others achieve their dreams. An accomplishment not hard to achieve if only I dare to challenge myself and to be up there somewhere.

I also hope that I could give my parents and siblings a better life as soon as I am able to get employment with a good income and be self-reliant.

I am an achiever with great potential to become one of the best if not the best. I have never been so excited at this opportunity to succeed and with the help of the sponsors, we together shall see the future generation of Malaysians have a better and brighter future. Malaysia Boleh.

Tony Fernandez is my idol so is Lee Chong Wei and Mark Zuckerburg, I sincerely hope that I can be the Tony or LCW of IT technology.

Who knows one day a team of intellectuals like us can make our country be seen on the world map as leaders in Computer Science and technology.

I rest my case.

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