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I want to Improve my Bussiness to survive with my daughter

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My name is Nadya. I'm a 33 years old woman. A mom for my 15th months daughter.

At 2017, I was sentenced to have a breast tumors and breast cysts, but I kept survive, get pregnant and now I have my wonderful baby. But I need to fight for this illness and I need to find a way to living my baby. So I decided to fight with my small bussiness here.

My bussiness is about producing an organic treatment product, which is made from milk and kefir's grain and some of them were made from an oat too. I was running this bussiness for 2 years but lately I decided to get more concern about it and I wish I could make it bigger and better business for me.

Well, I need to make sure that someday I'll recover from this illness but in the other side, I need to make sure that I can cover about me and my daughter living cost too.

I hope there would be a way for two of us to reach this dreams, and I hope I could spend my best to take care and grow her up.

Yes, everyone is have their dreams. And this is the one thing that I really need the most for now.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Nadya Chandra Dewi

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