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I want to support my mother's hospitalization

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My mother is a strong woman and I cannot afford to lose her.

On October 14, 2019, my mother had a cardiac arrest. She was rushed to the hospital but she passed out in the Emergency Room. She was revived after the 2nd attempt but due to lack of oxygen in the brain, she's in coma. This is her 4th attack after her Open Heart surgery last year. She is hypertensive, diabetic and has Pneumonia. The hospital bill has ballooned already to almost 400,000.00 (Philippine peso) without the doctor's fee yet and her daily medications. Due to her critical condition, we were not able to transfer her to a different hospital. Everyday, the hospital is asking for a partial payment for the bill because they are "cash basis". But because we have exhausted all of our savings from her previous hospitalizations, we cannot make a payment yet.

I am here to ask for your help so that we could support her medications, hospital bills and medical expenses and to save her life. She's all I have.

Thank you so much and I am hoping to return you kindness sometime.

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