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I want to help my uncle to fix his house!

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Nice to meet you!

My name is Edi, and I'm a teacher from Bandung, Indonesia!

I would like to raise some funds because I want to help my uncle and his family to remodel their little house.

A family living in a very reduced space

My uncle has a very big family: his wife and 6 children. They are living in a very small house.

The elder son is already working, but the other children are still studying. Their house has basically 1 room!

However, their monthly income is not enough to be able remodel the house, add more rooms and fix the damaged parts. That's why I'm trying to raise some funds for them!

The roof is also broken

The house is in a farm land.

My uncle, aunt, and 1 of my cousins are working in the farm, but their salary is too low be able to save enough money, as they also have to pay many daily expenses for such a big family.

It's not only that the house is small. The roof is also broken!

During rainy days there are leaks and it feels like it's not safe to stay there.

Some relatives are taking care of 2 of the children

As the house is too small, 2 of the children are currently living with some close relatives.

In case my uncle can add a couple more of rooms to the house, the family would be able to live together again.

I also want to help them with my own money, but my salary is low and I just managed to save $50. I would like to save some more money but it won't be enough to help them.

Details on needed funds

I would like to raise $1,300, that will be given to my uncle so he can start some improvements in the house.


It would be really nice for my uncle and his family to receive that help.

In case I can collect enough support, all the family will be living together again in a comfortable house.

In case I can't collect enough funds I will try to keep asking to all the people I know, just in case.

All the people I know is going through economic problems, so I don't think they could be able to help. I would be eternally grateful if I can receive some support here! Thank you very much in advance!

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