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We need help to bring 4 athletes to Bahia

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We are an NGO named Sol pra Si, and this is the first time we are asking for help.

I am Ana Sheila, and I've been the volunteer creator and project coordinator for 14 years at CEF 31 in Ceilândia in Sector Expansion. CEF 31 from Ceilândia is a school in which I am part of the cast of teachers, I am a geography teacher, and our workshops take place at night, we work with music, dance (ballet) and karate. I work voluntarily from Monday to Thursday at the NGO without any remuneration.

This is me in the middle.

Sol pra Si is for Young People to do Sport, Dance and Music

After 14 years work for CEF 31, I founded Sol pra Si about 6 months ago as a formal NGO. We operate in the areas of sports, dance and music.


So this is me at Sol pra Si (I'm at the far left).

Support Our Karate Students to go to a Championship

At Sol pra Si, karate is one of the favourite sport. We meet the karate with music and dance which make students more enganged.

We have a volunteer teacher, our Matias Sensei who supports us for just over 7 years in the karate workshop, and we have about 50 students in this workshop.

And we have 4 underprivileged athletes who were summoned to the National Karate Championship that will take place in November and will be held in the state of Bahia.

Please help us

Sol pra Si was newly founded, that's why we have no resources yet. We now have a formal identity and we will be better able to seek resources.

But to have enough resource, it will take time. We tried many ways including do a campaign to sell cotton candy to collect enough funds to cover for those 4 athletes's tickets, meals, accommodation and new kimonos to the National Karate Championship.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help Sharing] button to share about my project!

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