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Please help me save my Organic Vegetables Farm

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Salam / Hello everyone.   Thanks for reading. 

Since 2010, I've started a community project of growing organic vegetables in a 3 acre land in the state of Perak,  Malaysia.  It is purely a labor of love project without any emphasis on profit. It is known as Qadhijah Natural Farm. 

All vegetables grown are taken to various markets and events where it is on "take only as much as you need and pay as you please" basis.  Some vegetables are also distributed for free to charitable organizations nearby.  

Apart from this,  I regularly conduct free gardening classes to children and organizations where I would share them the knowledge of making their own organic fertilizers just by recycling kitchen waste. 

My problem started during March 2019 when we have extremely hot weather for 3 months straight.  Most of the plants just could not cope with the heat and I lost 80% of my harvest.  I thought that the worse is over when the wet season started in June 2019 and use up most of my savings to retreat the soil and replant everything that's lost.  

However,  the worst happen.  In mid July,  just as I about to harvest, I was hit with water contamination from the canal where I use to water the plants.  This time every single plant was wipe out completely. 

I have no more funds to continue the project and I fear if I can't sustain in the next few weeks, I may have to abandon the project.  

Please help me save Qadhijah Natural Farm. 

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