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Hemodialysis Maintenance of My Mother

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Good day everyone!

I’m Ana Loraine Alcantara from Tarlac, Philippines.  I created this project for my mother; Ligaya Alcantara a retired public school teacher in our community for 30 years who helped more than 1200 students achieved their dreams.

Last year November 15, 2018 we rushed her to the hospital and admitted for sixteen days, she was comatose and placed under ICU for seven days.  She was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease stage 5 secondary to dm nephropathy.

She was advised by the doctor to undergo hemodialysis maintenance twice a week.

This October, 2019 her fistula failed and advise for the immediate insertion of permanent catheter cost Php40,000.

We are still paying our loans in the bank because of her previous hospitalizations and continuous hemodialysis maintenance and recently the high cost of the insertion of permanent catheter, we are running out of funds to continue her hemodialysis maintenance.

I am asking for your help and support to raise funds for her hemodialysis maintenance to lengthen and enjoy her life.

I am hopeful that you could extend help to my mother.  Any amount will be a big help for her.

Thank you so much!

God bless your good heart!

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