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I want to visit orphanages

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My name is Bimo Adi Saputro from central java, Indonesia. I want to visit Singapore, I want to visit some orphanages in that place. 

My purpose to visit an orphanage: 

- Can instill in the importance of sharing with each other so that they can make themselves better human beings.

- Learn about having to be grateful for the situation because there are still many children who are not as lucky as us.

- Distribute items that are not used but are still suitable for use.

- Learn to love each other while paying attention to the environment.

- Can learn to live with not always simple with a vacation to tourist attractions.

I have tried and worked to raise funds to be able to go there but have not succeeded, I am disappointed and sad. I always pray to God, may God give me the way so that my dreams can be realized.


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