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I want to bring my disabled father to stay with me

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My father is currently staying in an old folks home. He has Parkinson disease for more than 10 years, disabled, not able to walk, bathe, eat or do anything by himself. He is wheelchair-bound. I never get to live with my father before all my live as I was taken care by my late grandparents. Now I finally got my own 2-room flat and has been my wish to bring my father to stay with me so that I can look after him during his golden years.

However I am facing financial difficulties. I am unemployed and I am seeking financial assistance to pay-off the old folks homes' arrears so he can be  discharged, and also buying some other logistics needs like wheelchair, hospital bed, grab bars etc. 

Besides for my father, I would also need some assistance for myself, to clear my outstanding bills for the flat, utilities and food. I am a hypertension and heart patient and I had to skip my hospital appointment as I had no money to even take the bus there. I have been surviving on noodles daily that I often got stomach flu and fall sick easily nowadays.

I hope there are some kind Samaritans out there to help lighten my problems. I would really appreciate it and may God bless you. Million thanks.

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