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Hello, I am Jalal, 21 years-old engineering technology in mechatronics student from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My laptop gradually became slow and earlier this year, I can't turn it on at all. I sent it to local computer shop and got told that there's something problem with its motherboard. They said it would cost me a lot to repair or replace it and encourage me to buy a new one instead.

I've been using my favorite laptop (Compaq Presario CQ42) for almost 4 years. I did a lot of my club activity proposals and reports on it. I also played some Command & Conquer and Counter Strike with my best friends. Last year, they already upgraded their computer and playing newer games such as Battlefield 1, Rainbow Six and Star Wars Battlefront II. While I can't even play Dota 2 without lags. 

This bothers me a lot because I have a lot of assignments and reports to submit every semester. Not to forget, I have Final Year Project starting next semester on February 2019. I tried to work as a part-timer at a fast food restaurant for 5 months already but it affects my studies and the salary I got was not much. 

I wish to get a decent computer that I can do my work on it and can play some games on the weekend again with my best friends. I have been watching lots of youtube videos on how to buid a pc. I also watched lots of youtubers playing games that I could never able to play. 

Your donations helps a lot to save my studies and giving me chances to play games I'd love to play with my friends. I greatly appreciate your donations, thank you!

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