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Dreaming of living in South Korea: First, I want to travel there!

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Hello! I'm Marce and I live in Bogota, Colombia.

I would like to spend a long time in South Korea in the future, and live there if possible. As a first step, I want to travel there and meet the friends I've made in Airtripp!

It's hard to save money when you're a student

I'm studying at University, and one of the subjects I chose is Korean. There aren't many opportunities to learn a language like this in my country, so when I saw the chance, I took it! Also, I could learn a lot about South Korea and that's why I like it so much.

When I can, I go with my friends to Korean restaurants in my city. I love kimchi and the spicy food! Korean food is really tasty!

I also work in a beauty saloon, but I need to use most of my savings for my studies, and my monthly income is not very high. With this circumstances it is complicated to get what I need to go to South Korea.

I love the good manners of Korean people!

I'm making Korean friends in Airtripp. Thanks to that I could understand how amazing are Koreans!

Seeing what my Korean friends are posting in Airtripp, those wonderful pictures, I fall in love with South Korea more and more. There are many wonderful places to visit: Seoul, Busan, Jeju Island... I can't wait to be there!

But it's not only about the places. Korean people is kind, interesting and they have really good manners. I really admire them and I would really love to meet my friends there!

Living in South Korea in the future

That's my plan. I would really like to spend more time there, maybe studying Korean, finding a job...

For now, I want to travel there, enjoy the country, visit as many places I can, natural parks, amusement parks, taste its delicious gastronomy...

Now, it seems like an impossible dream, but I could make it with your help!

Details on needed funds

For this trip I need more than $ 2,000, but I will use my savings as much as I can, so I think I can afford the flight ticket and lodging with $ 1,700 and my savings!


I want to go to South Korea during spring. It's a nice season to go, with the beautiful cherry trees blooming and a nice weather!

I'm planning to meet with my Airtripp friends and visit Seoul, Jeju, Busan and Incheon. I hope I can have your support!

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