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Raising funds in order to apply to a work permit

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Nice to meet you! My name is Jashim Uddin. I'm from Bangladesh but I'm living in Malaysia since 2015.

My work permit is going to expire and I need some financial support to be able to renew it!

Living in Malaysia since 2015

I came to Malaysia on 2015 to be able to work and support my family in Bangladesh.

My family are going through many economic difficulties, and that's why I try to send them money every month.

I've been working on construction and the economic support I provide to my family is really helping them, so I need to keep working here for them.

I need to get a working visa

When I first came on 2015 my passport was hold by my employer for 3 months, but he dissappeared and left me on my own without my passport.

The reason why I need the funds is because I want to apply through the government to get a official working visa to stay here, as my current one is going to expire, but that costs 7000 MYR.

I've been not able to save that quantity of money, as I'm using my income to support my family in Bangladesh! But I need to money to get the visa and keep working here, so I'm in a very desperate situation.


If I manage to receive enough support, I will apply to get the working visa and keep working in Malaysia to support my family in Bangladesh. If I become unemployed by family situation would be really difficult. Your help is not only important for me, but also for my family.

In case I can't collect enough support, I hope my parents can get a loan in Bangladesh at least, but it seems difficult.

I hope you can kindly help me and my family! Thank you very much!

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