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Help Athi get the treatment she desparately needs.

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Athi has lived in Malaysia for 16 years. She is from Indonesia.  She had a young daughter and works as a Maid.  Athi is a wonderful, hardworking, kind and deeply religious person who enriches the lives of those who know her.  

Last Friday Athi did not show up for work, she had taken herself to hospital Ampang Vomiting Blood. 

She has been diagnosed with acute leukaemia. She is hospitalised. Weak and frightened. She has no money and cannot afford the medical care.  She also cannot go back to Indonesia because because she is too weak to Travel

All of us that know her are trying hard to help her. We are striving to get charity support for cancer patients that can not afford treatment.  This process is long and requires the family to be interviewed, but they are in Indonesia, so this is not an easy process and is not guaranteed to yield any financial help. 

The funds raised will be used to pay for her treatment. Namely, hospital stay, bone marrow biopsy, cancer treatment and if necessary repatriation back to Indonesia.  

Please help us to help Athi. 

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