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ASAP. To develop own small land, 2 stay+my rescued cats/dogs

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My land's owner really hate the animals, cats n especially the stray dogs that i have.

 I do stay alive with my rescued cats and dogs in a jungle/orchard alone. I am a lone ranger for what i have after my husband passed away, the company terminated my work as i was working as a secretary. And i am having a major depression as i lost everything in life. People keep insults me to call me a beggar, crazy woman. The wives so scared am staying nearby as they scare i will steal their husband. This is also why i cannot stay with neighbors in a community life.

To forget about my pains in life, I do my own charity as i do not have kids to rescue the mother's cat n babies, and all type conditions of the cats even disable cats. Currently i have almost 80cats n kittens. 

I do have the 3adults of the dogs n 4puppies. 

I have 6chickens,8 rabbits with me. 

With this conditions i cannot stay with surrounding of people who are always hate to the stray animals even with animals.

The land owner almost everyday chasing me out from his land. My last day to be out from his land this coming sunday, 13 april 2019. Am already asking to give me more time for me to move out, but he can't tolerate anymore. he says that he is not a charity desk to help me even i pay a rental n etc. And he is totally hates all the animals.

I bought small land from my employees fund, withdrawal by age 50.but i don't have money at all to develop the land to to have a cabin's house and put all my animals and start to have my own vegetables farm.

I need money to bring back my old cabin's house from other land and repairs the 2doors,the roof and to put that on my own small land. Need to build a small kitchen and washroom for me.

The tow truck vehicle need to pay about rm1000.Need to use the money to make the fencing as in the jungle need to be safe from wild animals. 

Need to buy wire for electricity and pipe for water about rm500.

 Need to use the backhoe clear the grass to stable the land about rm1000. Also to clear the grass for me to start doing going to do vegetables plants to earn money for my future income. 

I need the money urgently for my move out and start vegetables plantations. I will be going to make my small own nursery to earn money. Please help me asap i have only a very short time.

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