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I want to be next to my terminally ill friend

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Nice to meet you. I'm from Mexico and my name is Ingrid.

I want to travel to Colombia to be with my friend, who has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. I really need to your cooperation to find a way to travel to Colombia!

I want to support my friend

Some months ago my friend Heinz was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately it has been too late and the doctors said all they can do is just to lengthen his life expectancy. We don't really know how much time he has, but no more than 2 or 3 years.

So, no matter how, I want to go to Colombia to be with him during this tough times. I need to go to Colombia and be by his side.

I don't have a job now. I'm doing my best to find a job that allows me to save more money to travel to Colombia as soon as possible, but it could be too late, so I really need your help! I would really appreciate your collaboration!

My friend Heinz

I met Heinz 10 years ago, in a chat room. We became good friends since the beginning and we talked a lot.

I really wanted to meet him during that time, but I was just a student and to me it was impossible to go to his country. Then, I started University, I graduated and I started to work in a call center that was really far away from my house.

Before I saved money to finally travel to Colombia, but then I had some health problems that I had to afford with my savings, so I lost my chance to go to Colombia and eventually I won't be able to meet Heinz.

Details on needed funds

I need around $2,500 to afford the flight ticket and 3 months of rent and daily life expenses. I will do my best to save money and afford the flight ticket by myself so what I need is $ 1,900.


I everything is okay I will travel to Colombia on September of next year, as our birthdays are both in September.

I can use a tourist visa during 3 months in Colombia. During that time I want to search for a job to stay longer and take care of my friend.

Even if I don't achieve the target I will keep doing my best to travel to Colombia and be with my friend until the end!

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