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I need funds to pay my little brother's treatment for his meningitis!

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I'm very nice to meet you. My name is Nnubia and I'm from Lagos, Nigeria.

My little brother is suffering from a viral meningitis and I would need some help to pay his medication!

My brother is only 5 years old

He is suffering the symptoms since August and he's not getting better.

Strong headache, nausea, dizziness... The doctor said that it's meningitis caused by a virus.

At least, it's not the most dangerous type!

However, he is not getting better and that is what worries me the most. I just want to make sure that it's not a bacterial type.

Suffering since August

A meningitis caused by a virus is not difficult to cure, but my brother is not getting better.

I would like my brother to go to the hospital, get a proper diagnosis and the medication he needs.

The problem is that I don't have money either a health insurance that covers up the expenses.

He's the only family I have

My mum passed away giving birth to my brother.

6 months later my dad passed away too. Since then I'm taking care of my brother alone.

I had no time or money to study, so I started to work.

I have many temporary jobs to survive but my monthly income is not enough to afford medical expenses.

Details on needed funds

I would need $600 to help my little brother. I still have left $200 so I would like to raise $400 with this project.


The first thing I will do if I receive enough support is to take my brother to the doctor.

After a proper diagnosis he will be able to receive exactly the medication he needs and get better.

This is our last chance, as we're not able to get helped on another way.

A part of the funds will be used also for future vaccines, so I can protect the health of my brother. Thank you very much in advance for your support!!

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