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Let’s join hands together and help homeless for a change in Sri lanka

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Hi everyone, nice to meet you!

I have been personally helping the homeless people and children with various ways to help them.

This idea started 4 month ago and i had been run this project with my friends.

we have recently found some opportunities for fundraising’s to help the people and children who are really in Need, all the funds will be helpful and even your prayers matters to clear the homeless people out of the roads and street

Homeless people in Sri lanka reach 3000 people

There is no doubts, that the number of homeless here was high. by that reason, many people also has no proper job and struggle of their life.

Surprisingly also, many children also homeless, they have a rights to enjoy their life and able to get education as the common thing children at their age

About 4 months ago, I started an idea with my friend and thinking by giving the homeless people a shelter and jobs to make them common people among the public and also help and guide helpless children with social education.

we would like to focus in children whose homeless and give them education and social study so they can prepare for the real life

Our plan

This upcoming Christmas and new year, we thinking to bring joy together to those homeless children and have a warm celebration.

My team and I already surveyed some location and we decided to make some celebrating event of Christmas and new year at Matale, sri lanka.

We expected to help about 500 children there and gather them at an auditorium like then by giving clothing, foods support and also held some discussion to study together, especially in English.

Details on needed fund

To able to help and support about 500 children, it is quiet big amount we need.

We need about $4,000 to make it true. we hope you can help us to less burden to get and reach that amount.

Let's support homeless children in Sri lanka

We really hope to achieved, accomplish and help the maximum homeless! By funding or even your prayers will make a change to clean the homeless people worldwide! Let’s gather together for The Change.

Thank you so much for any kind of your support!

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