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I want to reduce the burden of my family

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Nice to meet you! My name is Kew Ming Hui and I'm a student from Malaysia!

My dream is to study in University to reduce the burden of my family, but I need money that I don't have to pay the school fee.

I would like to study Finances and business or Culinary arts!

Currently, my mother is the only one who is working in my family. Her salary is RM4000 a month and the University costs RM24000 for only one year.

My brother is currently studying in University, and if I can't pay part of my school fees I think I'm going to become a burden to my mother.

I would really appreciate if you can help me a little with my expenses and make my dream come true: To become a business woman and open a restaurant, since I'm very interested in culinary and pastry!

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