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Reunite with my family and celebrating Christmas and my parent's wedding anniversary

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Hello everyone!

My name is Isabel from ecuador.

Currently, i study finance at spain. I planned to make a surprise for my parents in this christmast event, and this december is their wedding anniversary, i want to make a warm day by celebrating it together with my family member!

I planned to make a surprise visit to ecuador and celebrated christmast event, and and my parent's wedding anniversary, i want to make a warm day by celebrating it together with my family member!

I had been in spain for 3 years

The relation of me and my family are so close, even though we are separated by distance. Spain and ecuador are far!

It has been already 3 years i did not came back to ecuador, i miss the feeling of spending a christmast time with my family.

My younger brother also currently stay at spain, but we are live in different city.

I really think, if i able to spend christmas together with family member, it will be a very warm and worth remember day for all of us.

I want to back to ecuador and make surprise for my parent's wedding anniversary

After 3 years not going home, the feeling of "home" will be missed.

At this december, beside celebrating christmas, i want to celebrate my parent's 30th wedding anniversary, I want to make a surprise visit

I also want to take my brother along to ecuador and spend that precious days together to make memorable days for all of us!

I still need $600

The flight from spain to ecuador will spend about $1200 in total.

Since i and my brother are a students, we cannot take a job, and we studied not at home country. But i managed to get an internship so i can saving some little amount of money, and it is not enough to buy the flight ticket.

I hope for your cooperate and help me even though it is little, it will be very meaningful for us to make a warm christmas day and special day of my parents.

Detail on needed funds

I have some saving, and i lack for $600 to buy plane ticket. I hope you can help me with the rest of it.


I want to spend my christmas holiday and spend it together with my family, so i hope i can get enough funds before december.

If in case i couldn't get enough of funds, i am thinking to borrow some money from my friends, but i want to avoid it since my friends also the same as me, a student.

So i really hope with your kind heart, helping hand, and support us to able to celebrate a warm christmas and special days of my parents.

I really appreciate all of your support, pray, and also i would be happy if you can share my project too!

thank you in advance!

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