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I need a bike to work as delivery boy!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Josim and I live in Kolkata, India!

I would like to raise some funds to buy a bike to be able to work as a delivery boy!

It's being really difficult to find a job

I've been working as a Maths private teacher until January.

I don't have students now, so I'm searching for a job. I'm doing many interviews but in all the problem is the same: I didn't go to University.

However, I've found the opportunity to work as a delivery boy! The problem is that I need a bike to do it!

I've lost my parents when I was a child

My parents passed away when I was a child.

My brother has been taking care of me during that time. It hasn't been easy for him to pay all the daily life expenses. Attending college was impossible to me because of our lack of money.

He's working but his monthly income is low for both.

I just want to have a monthly income too so I can collaborate with the daily expenses.

I need to work soon and start supporting my brother too

I'm not working since many months ago. I don't have savings and I can't pay for anything.

If I work as a delivery boy I will have a nice salary and my brother will also benefit. I feel really sad everyday because I don't have a job and I can't help my brother. Is really frustrating.

I would like to have a normal life with a job, paying for the daily life expenses, hanging out with my friends. I can't miss this chance!

Details on needed funds

I would like to raise $700 to purchase a bike. I would appreciate a lot any help you could bring to me!


If I manage to get enough funds I will buy the bike as soon as possible and start working.

I'm not finding a different job so I think this is my last chance.

In case I can't collect enough funds I will try another way, like asking for a loan. However, I know that it might be quite difficult.

Please, help me to get a bike and work as a delivery boy! Thank you very much!

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