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I want to go to Japan, the country that has made me smile again!

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Nice to meet you! I'm Dany, from Salatiga, Indonesia!

I would really love to visit my dream country: Japan. However, to me this is a dream that is really difficult to fulfill, and that's why I'm asking for your support!

A somewhat painful past

I was living in US when I was a child and during that time I could say that my life wasn't so difficult.

But four years later my father 's company went bankrupt and my parents also got divorced because of that. I got back to Indonesia, and since then the road has not been easy.

Today, I'm fighting for my future while studying International Laws at University. I need to afford my studies and because of that I can't save money to make my dream come true: visit Japan someday.

Japan has made me smile again

When my parents got divorced I had a very bad time, but I always became happier when I watched anime on TV. I started loving Japan from then.

From then, I started to investigate more and more about Japan and I discover a very rich culture in an amazing country with a wonderful mixture between tradition and modernity. Also, Japanese people seemed willing to always give their smiles!

I started in Airtripp to make Japanese friends, as I really wanted to get closer to that country and people! Fortunately, I could made very nice friends, like Akinobu and Michio!

Now, I really need to visit Japan. I need to be in the country who made me smile during my bad times. And of course, meet my friends!

Details on needed funds

If possible I would like to spend 1 month in Japan, as there are many things I would like to experience there, and many places I would like to visit.


I would like to go next year's Spring, during cherry blossom season. Of course, I'm planning to meet Michio and Akinobu!

I want to visit Tokyo and Kyoto and I'm also would like to visit an orphanage as I'm really concern about helping children.If I can't get enough support, I will reduce my travel period, but I will go to Japan for sure!

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