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A trip to shoot a social experiment: Defending the honor of Korean people!

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Hello! I'm Jeines and I'm from Manado, Indonesia. I'm working as civil servant.

My dream is to travel to South Korea to shoot a social experiment to prove the goodness of Korean people!

I want to prove that I'm right!

Some time ago I watched a video made by an Indonesian youtuber that consisted in a social experiment about Korean people.

The shooting was made in Gangnam, Seoul. The youtuber dressed like a homeless asked to Koreans walking around for some help but he didn't receive any response. Then, with a very fashionable style asked again and received help from everyone.

According to the results of the experiment, Korean people apparently judges people according to their look, but I don't think that's true.

I love South Korea and I love Korean people. As far as I can say, Koreans are always kind and that's the reason I want to make the same experiment!

Receiving support from my precious Korean friend

One of the reasons why I really love South Korea is my friend James. Since we have met in Airtripp I could learn how wonderful place seems to be South Korea and how nice Koreans are.

I will meet James for sure if I go to Seoul, and he will help me recording my experiment.

For James, for all Korean people, I will show to the world how amazing South Korea is through my experiment!

Details on needed funds

To stay in Seoul during 1 week I would need an amount of $ 1200. I think I could save around $ 500 by myself, so the help I ask is to afford the rest


I would like to go to Seoul on December of this year. I think I would mainly use my time on the experiment.

I will spend a lot of time with James and I'm sure he will also help me to enjoy Seoul! I'm looking foward to it!

When I'll come back to my country I will edit the video and start sharing it in Youtube and Airtripp!


the flag image of country Korean James
I'm glad to welcome you in Seoul. I will guide you in Gangnam and help you with your social experiment! I wish Airtripp can make your dreams come true!
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