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Needing a laptop to further my education

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Hello! My name is Victor and I'm a student from Malaysia!

Up until now, I have been borrowing my group mate's laptop to finish my assignments and lab reports, and often i have requested extra time from my lecturers to finish the assignments given as both me and my group mate need to finish it both individually on his laptop.

As time goes on, the assignment and reports gets harder and more time consuming and the need for a laptop keeps growing.

Currently my mother is the only working, supporting a family of 4.

My father due to heart complications early into his career as a contractor, had to retire early at the age of 40. Thankfully he is all fine and well now.

He is currently spending his time planting vegetables in the home's yard, providing fresh vegetables daily. As for my mother, she works as an office clerk for about 20 years now and talks about her day at the office to us and from her conversations with us, it seems that her boss doesn't fully appreciate her work and so the reason why I am setting up a crowdfunding project because I don't think I can ask for more from my mother as she already has so much on her plate.

Another reason why is that in my hometown of Lahad Datu, job opportunities are scarce and hard to come by due to nations or rather the small town's economy.

Thank you very much in advance for your support!

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