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I want to do working holiday in France as a florist

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Hello everyone! I am a part-time student of the University of London (LSE) first year.

Because I will have a spare year before school starts,

i Want to pursue my dreams!

I Will take the bank loan to study the cityu scope professional florist certificate.

I have been working as an interior design secretary, Startup executive assistant, etc.

I visited Paris and Bordeaux in June this year.

My plan for my university holiday

I want to do working holiday in France, because I love the art and culture.

As I've already learned from history textbooks, I realized that France has a unique cultural background.

This time I want to visit Provence, where will be full of lavender bloom

Money will be used for accommodation and transportation fee after raising funds.

I hope that by 2020, I can achieve the dream of being a flower artist in France.

I also will take a video blog and upload it to youtube.

After returning to Hong Kong, I want to open a flower shop of my own.

thank you so much for your support!

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