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I want to take pupu and diamond to migrate from Kuala Lumpur to Sabah, Malaysia.

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Hello everyone, greetings from malaysia!

I am Mr chok, come from Sabah to Kuala Lumpur to start my education in University.

I will move back to my hometown in sabah and i wants to bring my dogs along with me. Because i will use flight, there are some regulation to transport pet is needed, and it cost a lot. That's why i am looking for some dog lovers or kindly persons to give me a hand for my problem

I adopted 2 dogs at kuala lumpur

When i moved to kuala lumpur for my study purpose in university, i decided to adopted dogs to accompany me.

I named them pupu and diamond, a very cute and lovely dogs.

They are already accompany me for about 3 years of my journey at kuala lumpur and i already assume them as part of my family members and my life.

I will back to Sabah at december

After i finished my study from university, i decided to go back to Sabah due to assist my family to expand our family business.I planned to back to my hometown this december because my family business need people as soon as possible.

Even though sabah and Kuala Lumpur both located at malaysia, but it is located in different island, and i need to use flight to reach sabah. I really wants to bring along pupu and diamond to sabah!

Rabbies testing regulation is needed to bring along a pet in a flight

I really want to bring pupu and diamond together with me to sabah, because they are already became part of my family member too.

Unfortunately, to bring along my pet by flight have some regulation. I have already ask all of pet relocate agent, they said if rabies testing certificate is needed to bring along a pet in a flight

What make me difficult to do is because malaysia testing is not approved. It must send to england and do vaccine and blood testing there, then it can be valid. But the cost is very high for me to cover, since i am just graduated from university and don't have stable income yet. So i request for funding and that's why i am looking for some dog lovers or kindly persons to give me a hand for my problem.

Detail on needed Funds And schedule

By several reference from relocate agent, i must have about 6000 RM that equivalent about 1500 USD.

That amount of cost will be use in total import and export permit and all rabies testing.

If all going well, i will processed as soon as possible to relocate agent, for get all process done in this december before i move to sabah!

I would really feel pleasure for your help and wish i can do something to give back when u need some help.

THOUSANDS THANKS for everyone's help, regards from me, pupu and diamond!

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