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The victims of the London gold scam need 300K debts受害者需30萬還債

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I am Steven, a Hong Kong native.

In mid-June 2018, I needed a surgery fee for my family's surgery. I met a swindler on the Internet. I just chatted with the swindler. One day, I told the scam that my family needed surgery. At the expense of the hand, she began to lobby me to buy London gold. I also believed that I was deceived to more than HKD100,000. Now I can’t make up for the bank’s owing to the bank of almost 300,000 Hong Kong dollars.

Under the difficulties of life, the child will also be born, and then The pressure of life is really great, so I hope that everyone will help each other and help me through the difficulties. I am a dreamer, hope.It is really difficult to teach low-income students who are interested in music with their own musical knowledge.

If I can pay off my debt, I can fulfill my dream wholeheartedly.

本人叫Steven, 香港人, 2018年6月中中,因家人做手術需要一筆手術費,於網中結識了騙徒,一直只是和騙徒聊天,一天我和騙案說我家人需要手術費做手費,她便開始遊說我買倫敦金,我也就此相信了,被騙去十多萬,現因入不敷出已欠下銀行差不多三十萬港幣,生活困難下,小孩也將要出生,往後的生活壓力真的很大,故希望各位丈義相助,積少成多,幫助我渡過難關,我是一個有夢想的人,希望


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