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Hello! I'm Chelsea from Malaysia! I would like to raise some funds to pay my dog medical expenses!

My dog name is HoHo. I am still studying and I can’t pay RM9000 in a month for his medical and boarding fees.

I have asked my family about the fees but none of them are capable of doing it because this is a huge amount for us.

The reason why I can’t bring him home is because his back legs are paralyzed and not because I don’t want to take responsibility, it’s because my father doesn’t like seeing him turning like this.

Before my dog got paralyzed he was a fine dog that can run and jump but unfortunately one day he disappeared and was lost for a few days and when we got him back, he was already in this condition so me and my family tried our hardest to get him healed by getting him all sorts of treatments but it still doesn’t work.

There was once that we thought we had to let put him to sleep because that’s what the vet suggested and told us that it can’t be helped. Those happened 2 years ago and now my dog is still fine except for his back legs.

I also tried getting him a wheelchair but here in my country it’s very hard to find one.

I hope you can help me and HoHo to solve his medical fees.

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