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I want to build a shelter for stray cats in Medan!

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Hi everyone! My name is Andi and I am currently living in Medan, Indonesia!

I am really aware of my environment’s surrounding here in Medan, where many stray cats are abandoned, while I am myself a cat lover!

Many stray cats abandoned near my place

As a cat lover, I always try to do my best to help them even by only feeding them. Me and my wife adopted and took care of a cat since our relationship began.

Many cats that always came to my place are asking for food, but sadly, they are still so skinny and it's beyond our help to take them to the veterinarian since it will cost us a lot.

In Medan, I found that about 20 cats that were abandoned are living in the street without any help. Unfortunately, I see some cats die because a car hit them very frequently. Just yesterday, I saw a kitten that was born premature and died. I want to help them by building for them a shelter, so they can live peacefull!y

My plan ahead

In Medan, there was a pet shop called pussy petshop. Long time ago, they took care of stray cat. But currently, those activities are stopped.

It is a sad things that I'm only able to give them some foods. At my parents hometown, they are also helping cats as much as they can. Now my parents are taking care of 2 stray cats they adopted. I want to help the stray cats near the place I live, so they will have a better place to live.

I planned to make a cat shelter at Tanjung Morawa, since that place has a cheap rental price and also it's still fresh. I also know a veterinarian friend, I will contact in order to cooperate if this project is going well!

Details on needed funds

There are about 20 stray cats around my place. I will use the funds to rent a space for 1 year and all cats necessities such as cat food, grooming things, and hire manpower. The total I need is about $2000, but I will use $500 for urgent things such as medicines or surgery fee from my own saving. I hope you can help me with the rest!


I set the finished date for the end of the year, because I think it will take a bit long to gather the total fund. If I manage to raise enough funds, I will directly use the amount to rent a space in Tanjung Morawa and starting to gather the stray cat s to put in there.

If I don't meet the target, I will keep my work as I always did to help them, and continue to save money until I reach my target.

All of your help means a lot for us!

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