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Urban Farming space for my community in Ladprao, Bangkok

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I live in Ladprao, a residential suburb in Bangkok. Recently, I got into an urban farming community where it taught and inspired me so much about how to grow my own food from leaning how to make good soil, to how to do harvesting. I have a small space here that I rent for my community architecture studio and my house, where I have people come and learn about creating sustainable communities. In Thailand, the food security situation is very bad, we almost have no choice to be away from pesticides or chemicals that ruin our health. I think this needs to change, even at a very small scale. This gives me an idea to turn this small space that I have been renting (long-term) to be a space for growing food and learning space, for me and for the people in my community (meaning people who are part of the studio, in my street, and the people from my suburb. I don't earn much from what I do as it's always volunteer-based. Getting some money from this space would help me so much to kickstart it!! Here's more information about what I and people in my studio do.

And thank you in advance for those who help or even want to help but cannot!! 

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