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I want to fulfill my wife's dream to become a Psychologist

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Hello Everyone

Thanks for reading this, I'm just simple one who always wish to keep my wife happy, recently married with the one who is good in heart after 5 years of love life, I'm happy and blessed to have a wife like her.

I know she is happy but inside her there is one unfulfilled wish, she was trying to become a doctor while finished her schooling but cheated by some agents in Malaysia and she dropped her wish and studied pharmacy instead of medicine because of his family's financial situation. 

After i knew this story i felt really sorry for her because i know the pain of that situation, I experienced it personally, when i tried to study medicine i was helpless because i lost my father and i'm the one who need to take care family after my dad so i dropped it and started to work for my family but still i'm having the pain inside.

I dont want my wife to feel the same, as a good husband i decided to make her dream become true by helping her to become a doctorate in pharmacy.

Just trying this site to seek help with the good hearten persons those who can help.

Thanks a lot

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