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My dog (Bobbi) needs to go for a neurology specialist visit.

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Bobbi has a suspected intervertebral slip disc which has downgraded his quality of life and left him currently immobile. As you can see in the photo, he’s not even able to lie down flat properly to sleep/rest due so his suspected spinal cord problem.

The quotation I’ve gotten from the vet visit was $7000-$8000 for MRI and treatment, of course this is just an estimation and have not included unforeseen fees ahead. 

My family don’t have such an amount to flaunt at the moment and as much as we want to give Bobbi for the help he needs, unfortunately financial wise we are not too capable at the moment. 

As of now, I’m aiming to get Bobbi a CT/MRI scan to find out the root cost first as treatment is way too expensive. The estimated cost for CT/MRI scan is $2000.

Hence, I’m reaching out to all of you to help with any amount that you can so that we can give Bobbi the treatment he needs. As advised by the vet, he needs the treatment as soon as possible before he loses his ability to move completely.


Thank you.  

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