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I want to travel to Vietnam to meet my friend in Hanoi!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Rifqi, I am 23 years old, and I'm from Bali, Indonesia.

I'm working as a barista.

Actually, this is my 3rd project.

My first project was to visit Japan, but the funds that I have managed to collect were only the 3%, so I was not able to get a ticket to Japan.

Then, I made a good friend from Hanoi, Vietnam, thanks to Airtripp, and since then I'm trying to travel to Vietnam. That's why I opened my second project, but I wasn't able to receive support.

I really really want to meet him, because we have built communication for 8 months and have never met in person, so I'm here trying to raise some funds to make my dream come true!

I met him through Airtripp, that is a very good application to get lots of friends. And from my previous project, I'm keeping the funds until now. I really hope that you can support my project this time! Thank you!

To be able to travel to Vietnam, I would need $800

I've managed to raise my savings up to $200, so I would need $600 to make this dream come true.

I will use it to buy a plane ticket and for the cost of renting a room, food, drinks, transportation, and some to buy my friend a souvenir from Indonesia.

I really hope those of you who have read my project, to support me!

If I'm able to travel to Vietnam, my objective is to meet my friend in Hanoi.

I will ask him to take me around in the city of Hanoi and its surroundings.

I hope I can visit my friends in January 2020, so I would be really thankful if you can support me!

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